Night Weaning Made Simple

Everything you need to know about reducing or stopping night feeds, without sacrificing your connection to your little one.
​Perfect for mamas of one to four year olds.

This high-level group coaching will take you by the mama hand as we gently reduce or stop night feeds. You can do this while continuing to cosleep or cot sleep, or you may want to be supported to make the transition to a separate sleep space.​

It’s your ticket out of the spiral of misinformation available online and towards learning to reduce night feeds in a way that feels good for both of you.

This unique group coaching program will support you with feeding and sleep without an ounce of “cry it out” or sleep training in sight.

What if you could let go of the anxiety around night feeds and the doubt that the endless Googling feeds?

What if you could turn your back on the mainstream narrative that tells you that in order to night wean, you must forfeit the connection you’ve worked so hard to build with your child?

What if you could find your way towards fewer or no night feeds without separation-based techniques?

What if you could finally stop the late-night internet scrolls and have an evidence-based program filled with ALL the night weaning information you need, along with endless community support from like-minded mums?

​Sounds good doesn't it?

"Melissa’s guidance has been a godsend. I was over feeding my toddler all night long but didn't know how to change it. Her support has honestly been invaluable and together we were able to reduce feeds from probably 6+ most nights, all the way down to 1. Thank you Mel!"

- Tanya Roopa

This group coaching is for you if you’re:

Sick of the constant latched breastfeeds all night long?

Feeling touched out before the day has even begun?

Loved cosleeping and feeding on demand overnight, but are now ready for a change?

Want to night wean completely or simply reduce the feeds to an amount that feels right for you?

This group coaching has been created based on my years of experience as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Holistic Sleep Coach, mum to 3 little people as well as a qualified Paediatric Nurse and Midwife to show you how to reduce night feeds in a way that works for you and your family.


​Night Weaning Made Simple

This is the night weaning experience you've been searching for.

You’ll be supported to make choices around sleep and feeding that feel right for you.

Want to continue to cosleep while you decrease breastfeeds overnight? Great!

What to keep using the cot while night weaning? Perfect.

Want to move from cosleeping to cot or floor bed sleeping while we make these changes? Done!

​​Your mind will be set to rest knowing that everything you need to reduce or stop night feeds is right at your fingertips.

What's Included

4 Weeks Of High-Level Group Coaching:

Live weekly zoom calls with myself and the other mums will leave you feeling calm and confident around making gentle changes with night feeds.

All calls are recorded, so if mum-life gets in the way, you can always watch back later.

I will hold your hand every step of the way, as we make changes together (much better and more effective than buying a random pdf and trying to implement yourself).

4 weeks of FREE Cocoon & Cradle Membership Community Access

This group coaching program is designed to cocoon you with support.

Not only will we have the weekly live chats, but you will also get full access to the membership community so you can ask any questions and get support from the other mums too.

Not only are the other mums absolutely incredible, but I will also be in there so you have an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Holistic Sleep Coach, Paediatric Nurse, Midwife & Mum of 3 in your back pocket.

We will cover everything from:

What you need to consider before starting

How to prepare for reducing night feeds 

Reducing night feeds
while still cosleeping

Reducing night feeds while cot or floor bed sleeping

Reducing night feeds while
transitioning to a separate sleep space​

Navigating partner involvement or going solo

What to expect as you reduce night feeds

How to best support your baby throughout the transition

Understanding emotion and your role

Reducing feeds without increasing the risk of mastitis

And so much more...

Not only do you get the Group Coaching, but you’ll also get these incredible toddler bonuses:


Night Weaning Made Simple

An ebook that will run you through the basics of reducing or eliminating night feeds, at a pace that feels right for you. 


Toddler Bedtime Battles

An ebook that guides you through the actual causes of toddler bedtime battles (hint: they are likely different to what you've heard), and the key steps to take to make bedtime a breeze again.


Falling Asleep Together

This bonus is perfect if you are no longer loving falling asleep together. If you would like to make a change, then this infographic is for you.


Night Time Visits

Are you waking up with your toddler in your room every single night, or multiple times a night? If this isn't working for you anymore, then this infographic will help you.


Transitioning Out Of The Cot

Are you currently using the cot but wondering how on earth you will make the transition out when the time comes? This infographic will guide you through the key steps, along with options of what sleep surface to use instead.

You’ll get all of this for only:
​$197 AUD

See what other mums have to say...

"Melissa helped me reduce night feeds gradually, and has transformed how I feel about our nights. Long gone are the nights of endless latched feeds with me waking up feeling touched out before the day had even began. As a bonus, our sleep has improved too! Win-Win." - Emily Baker


I’m Melissa,
​And you are why I do this work.​

Parenthood is no walk in the park. I’ve seen it time and time again as a Paediatric Nurse and Midwife, families getting kicked out the door with little to no village in sight and an absurd amount of confusing information floating around.

Becoming a mother myself to three small and incredible children, I realised firsthand how much support and guidance we actually need as parents. It was this that spurred me on to create Cocoon and Cradle to make sure others had access to the right information and support from day one.

I have poured my years of knowledge and experience not only as a Paediatric Nurse and Midwife but also as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Holistic Baby Sleep Coach into this guide so you are informed and prepared for the incredible but sometimes challenging early months of your child's life.

I’m here to support you on your journey from pregnancy to toddlerhood with holistic, evidence-based breastfeeding, sleep, and early parenthood support.

You’ve got this, and I’ve got you.

Whether you want to reduce night feeds just slightly, or want to night wean completely, you’ll find everything you need inside the Night Weaning Made Simple Group Coaching Program.

You’ll be supported to reduce breastfeeds at a pace that feels right for you, and nurture the sacred bond between the both of you without resorting to separation-based techniques to get there.

Join our bespoke group coaching program and find the unique rhythm of breastfeeding and sleep that works for your family.

​​Stop the late-night searching and rest assured you’ll be guided through night weaning with attachment at the forefront and not a mention of sleep training in sight.