Cocoon & Cradle Consultations

Learn how to gently optimise sleep & feeds without sacrificing your connection to your little one, with our Cocoon & Cradle Consults.

Cocoon & Cradle Consultations

Learn how to gently optimise sleep & feeds without sacrificing your connection to your little one, with our Cocoon & Cradle Consults.

Despite what the mainstream narrative would have you believe, it is possible to remain deeply connected, continue to feed in a way that works for you and find more sleep without resorting to sleep training.

Is sleep currently all consuming?

 Maybe you need help with sleep because you can't wait-it-out any longer, but you don't want your little one to cry-it-out either.


Is breastfeeding a challenge right now?

Maybe you need help with feeding issues that just aren't going away, or are wondering if what you are going through is normal.

No matter what sleep or feeding issues you are going through right now, I can promise that I have your back (and your front).

Hi mama, I’m Mel.
I can help you breastfeed & get more sleep, without ever sleep training.

My approach to sleep and feeding is truly holistic and evidence-based, accounting for your baby or toddler’s social, relational, psychological, biological, developmental and physical needs.

There are no generic cookie cutter plans (that don’t account for the fact that each family is completely different), just compassionate individualised support to help you reach your goals.

Melissa Hays

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Holistic Sleep Coach, Paediatric Nurse, Midwife & Mum of 3

If you are struggling with sleep or breastfeeding issues and after personalised 1:1 support, then a consultation with Mel is right for you. 

​Here are just some of the sleep issues that I can help with:

  • ​nap time struggles
  • ​bedtime battles
  • ​frequent night waking
  • ​split nights
  • ​early rising
  • ​changing sleep locations
  • ​changing the way you settle to sleep
  • ​starting daycare
  • ​night weaning​

And here are just some of the feeding issues I can help with:

  • breast or nipple pain
  • starting solids
  • ​engorgement
  • ​mastitis
  • ​plugged ducts
  • ​low supply or oversupply
  • ​weaning
  • ​learning how to express
  • ​inducing lactation
  • ​low baby weight gain
  • ​assistance with stopping top ups
  • ​supporting baby to latch
  • ​tongue and lip ties
  • ​reflux, allergies & intolerances

In-home consults are available to Southern Gold Coast and Tweed Shire mamas only, otherwise virtual consults are available worldwide. 

​Contact Mel now to enquire and book.

Kind Words From C&C Mamas

“Mel is so compassionate, authentic and caring and offers personalised guidance to fit your parenting needs and lifestyle.

Mel has provided advice numerous times to help with my two little ones sleep and development.

My toddler all of sudden starting struggling with getting to sleep and Mel offered a number of strategies to try as well as insight into why these behavourial changes might have started.

Motherhood can feel lonely when you don't know where to turn, but Mel has always been there to offer guidance without judgement. Thank you so much, Mel."

- Carley Browne

“Mel was understanding, knowledgeable and caring while she worked through the issues we had been having with our child not sleeping well.

Due to her combined expertise in sleep and breastfeeding she was holistically able to assess our situation and identify an issue that a sleep consultant alone would likely have missed.

Her ethos of gentle changes and responsive parenting made any suggestions easy for us to incorporate into our current routine.The two week text support was also amazing for sleep deprived parents like us to clarify her suggestions and gain further ideas as we implemented the plan. I would recommend Mel to any other tired parents!"

- Hannah Robertson

“When I went for my lactation consultant with Mel I was ready to give up, however the confidence I left with was just amazing.

Within 20 mins Mel had supported me with different positions to feed my son by helping him latch without pain!

She also suggested I get him looked at for a lip and tongue tie after identifying many of the signs and symptoms.

I will be forever grateful to Mel and the ongoing support I receive from her. I honestly would not still be breastfeeding and actually enjoying it if it weren’t for her!

Thank you so much Mel!! Xx”​

- Tiana Davies

It's time to get the sleep &
breastfeeding support you deserve.


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