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 Ready to get more sleep without ever leaving your baby or toddler to cry alone?

Let’s create a future where sleep isn’t a struggle.

Truth time: You don’t have to ‘wait-it-out’ or leave your little one to ‘cry-it-out’ in order to stop feeling so utterly exhausted. 

If you’re after a holistic and evidence-based approach that results in more sleep for the whole family – you’re in the right place.

Hi mama, I’m Mel.

I’m here to help you and your little one get more sleep. My approach to sleep is truly holistic and evidence-based, accounting for your baby or toddler’s social, relational, psychological, biological, developmental and physical needs.

There are no generic cookie cutter plans (that don’t account for the fact that each child is completely different), just compassionate individualised support to help you reach your sleep goals.

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The Process:

Before I become your sleep bestie, I send you an in-depth sleep intake form for you to complete. I then dive deep and do a holistic assessment of your history and sleep goals.

In the consultation, we discuss what is developmentally appropriate, possible underlying triggers, sleep biology, lifestyle and nutrition, sleep hygiene, and gentle settling strategies.

I create a personalised plan that addresses your sleep concerns and your unique goals. A summary of the consultation and all relevant resources are sent to you within 24 hours.

If you're in the VIP Sleep Package, then I’m your sleep bestie for the next two weeks! Get ready to feel confident and empowered around your little one’s sleep.

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