The 0-18 Month Baby Sleep & Breastfeeding Blueprint

Everything you need to know about infant sleep and breastfeeding in one place.

Learn how to gently optimise sleep & feeds without sacrificing your connection to your baby.

This comprehensive guide will take you by the new mama hand, banish any thoughts of not being enough, dispel your feelings of loneliness, and bolster your confidence, in a society that is pushing you to make your child as independent as possible as soon as possible.

It’s your ticket out of the spiral of misinformation available online and towards learning to parent your baby in a way that feels good for both of you.

This gentle guide takes you month by month through the realms of biologically normal infant sleep, give you tips and strategies to optimise your breastfeeding relationship, and shows you how to get both you and your baby on the way to more restful sleep no matter what stage you’re currently at.

The Baby Sleep and Breastfeeding Blueprint will help you understand your unique child, and where they are at developmentally and support you with feeding and sleep without an ounce of “cry it out” or sleep training in sight.

What if you could let go of the anxiety around sleep and the doubt that the endless Googling feeds?

What if you could turn your back on the mainstream narrative that tells you to get more quality sleep you must forfeit either the connection you’ve worked so hard to build with your child, your breastfeeding journey, or both?

What if you could find your way toward feeling more rested without resorting to sleep training or separation-based techniques?

What if you could finally stop the late-night internet scrolls and have an evidence-based resource filled with ALL the information you need on infant sleep and breastfeeding, from those sweet early days right through to toddlerhood?

Sounds good doesn't it?

"Melissa’s ebook is a lifesaver for sleep and breastfeeding woes. The month-by-month sleep and breastfeeding blueprint has helped our family avoid the endless spiral of trying to navigate misinformation online.

As a first-time mother the amount of seemingly small questions that pop up during the early days seemed beyond daunting until this incredible ebook. Just when you think you have it all figured out something new surfaces. The ebook is my go-to resource.

My start to breastfeeding was rough while grappling with serious concerns about breastfeeding with my son. The ebook has truly invaluable guidance and that together with support from Melissa saved my breastfeeding journey. If you're a new parent navigating the challenges of breastfeeding and sleep, look no further this resource is a lifeline!"

Ashley Juttner

Despite what the mainstream narrative would have you believe it is possible to remain deeply connected, continue to feed in a way that works for you and find more sleep without resorting to sleep training.

But instead, you’re currently:

Being told by so many around you the only way to get more sweet rest is to close the door, walk away, and let your little one cry until they “learn” the skill of sleep.

Tracking sleep, naps, and feeds to the minute to try and squeeze your little one into whatever formulaic schedule you’ve encountered online or offered up from the depths of social media algorithms.

Questioning time and time again whether you need to switch to formula, pass your little one over to your partner, or leave the room for ever-increasing periods in the name of teaching the skill of sleep.

Lost in an endless scroll not knowing which piece of conflicting advice is appropriate for you and your baby.

This is why I have created the 0-18 Month Baby Sleep & Breastfeeding Blueprint.

So you can let go of the misinformation and rest assured your responsiveness and parenting choices are the right ones for your child.

This guide is for you if you’re:

Desperately tired and want just a little more sleep or a moment to yourself.

Want to keep on responding through the night, nurture your breastfeeding relationship until you are both ready to let this go AND feel more rested?

Want to feel confident enough to shake off the unsolicited advice from everyone around you, safe in the knowledge that what you’re doing is right for both you and your child?

Ready to parent the child in front of you - rather than trying to fit them into a one-size-fits-all schedule or parenting strategy.

This guide has been created based on my years of experience as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Holistic Baby Sleep Coach, mum to 3 little people as well as a qualified Paediatric Nurse and Midwife to show you how to tap into what nature has perfected already.

The symbiotic relationship between breastfeeding and infant sleep has developed
over years of exquisite evolution and the two are not mutually exclusive.

When you come to understand how our babies are meant to sleep and feed, once you eliminate any
feeding or underlying health issues you can simply let nature take the reigns and
move you both towards the sleep you long for.

"Melissa's 0-18 month Baby Sleep and Breastfeeding Blueprint is an incredible resource for me as a first-time Mum.

It has so much useful information and provided me with reassurance and calmness leading into the next few months with my 8-month-old.

I love how it is broken down into each month so that information is easy to find and digest.

I'll lean on this resource whenever I feel doubt or worry creeping in.

Thank you, Mel, for this and the community you're leading."

Brigitte Ragh

Introducing the 0-18 Month Baby Sleep & Breastfeeding Blueprint

The truly gentle guide through infanthood you’ve been searching for.

You’ll discover inside that nighttime responsiveness and breastfeeding are not only cherished but encouraged.

You’ll be supported to make choices around sleep and feeding that feel right for you.

You’ll understand what to expect at each stage, how to handle nap transitions, common sleep and breastfeeding issues, and be prepared for when your baby grows and things naturally change and develop.

You’ll be shown how to navigate sleep progressions like a pro so you can optimise everyone’s sleep during these times and have a toolbox of responsive strategies to help you sail through these developmental stages.

​In short, your mind will be set to rest knowing that everything is on track, and when things aren’t, the Blueprint will guide you toward the right solution.

What's Included

100 + pages of age-specific breastfeeding and sleep advice that covers everything from:

  • ​How to navigate the newborn unpredictability
  • ​Sail through developmental leaps like a pro
  • ​Understand why your baby suddenly feeds more/less
  • Reasons for supply issues
  • ​When and how to start solids
  • ​Common sleep problems and how to solve these
  • How to take care of you at each stage
  • All about sleep associations
  • The science of attachment

And so much more…….

Think of this as your baby bible for the first 18 months of life.

Not only do you get the Blueprint, but you’ll also get these incredible bonuses:


Sleep Supercharger Checklist 

While the Blueprint will equip you to make sleep changes on your own. This handy checklist will ensure you address the foundations first and make changes in an order that make sense.


Breastsleeping Made Simple

This guide includes everything they often fail to tell you antenatally or in the hospital. It will support you to breastsleep safely so you can optimise your rest and reduce risk factors to keep your little one safe through the night.


Returning To Work Made Simple

This bonus guide will help you prepare for your return to work, and/or transitioning to daycare or another carer. It covers how to continue breastfeeding, transitioning to bottle feeds, pumping and storing breastmilk as well as tips and tricks to ensure sleep doesn’t go pear-shaped. This is the guide that will make the back-to-work transition as smooth as possible.


Temperament, Sleep & Feeding

Our little people are all born unique. This guide will show you exactly how to support your little ones feeding and sleep based on their unique temperament traits. Because what works for your friend down the roads baby isn’t always what your baby needs!


Self Care Serenity

Discover how to prioritise yourself as well as your baby. No mother can pour from an empty cup so nurturing you is just as important as the nurture you give to your child.

You’ll get all of this for only:

$49 AUD

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I’m Melissa,
And you are why I do this work.

Parenthood is no walk in the park. I’ve seen it time and time again as a Paediatric Nurse and Midwife, families getting kicked out the door with little to no village in sight and an absurd amount of confusing information floating around.

Becoming a mother myself to three small and incredible children, I realised firsthand how much support and guidance we actually need as parents. It was this that spurred me on to create Cocoon and Cradle to make sure others had access to the right information and support from day one.

I have poured my years of knowledge and experience not only as a Paediatric Nurse and Midwife but also as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Holistic Baby Sleep Coach into this guide so you are informed and prepared for the incredible but sometimes challenging early months of your child's life.

I’m here to support you on your journey from pregnancy to toddlerhood with holistic, evidence-based breastfeeding, sleep, and early parenthood support.

You’ve got this, and I’ve got you.

Print this guide out, keep it close, and refer to it often.

No matter what stage you’re at or coming up to you’ll find everything you need to know inside the Blueprint.

You’ll be supported to find more sleep gently, breastfeed for as long as feels right for you, and nurture the sacred bond between the both of you without resorting to separation-based techniques to get there.

"This ebook is really informative and simply laid out the language doesn’t seem overly complicated and full of words I don’t understand which is so much less intimidating and patronising than a lot of the studies you have access to online which just seem like they’re made to be graded not just help the reader. I am 35 weeks pregnant and this information has put my mind at ease and I will be following the steps as I go along when my baby is born."

- Maireadh McCarron

Get your copy of the 0-18 month Baby Sleep & Breastfeeding Blueprint and
keep connection at the forefront and find the unique rhythm of breastfeeding and sleep that works for your family.

​Stop the late-night searching and rest assured you’ll be guided through these early months with attachment at the forefront and
not a mention of sleep training in sight.