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The Founding Members launch of Sleep Made Simple: How Breastfeeding Mums Can Get More Sleep Without Sleep Training, is SOLD OUT. 

However, we will be opening our doors again soon for regular enrolment.

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Seeking Founding Members!

I’m so excited to be creating a new online course, Sleep Made Simple: How Breastfeeding Mums Can Get More Sleep Without Sleep Training. I am looking for a small group of 20 breastfeeding mums who are ready to get more sleep without ever sleep training, in an intimate setting with personalised attention, guidance and feedback.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Sleep Made Simple, as I transition from working with clients one-on-one to creating a group program that’s jam packed with all my expertise, so I can impact more people.

To qualify to be a Founding Member you must:


Be pregnant or a breastfeeding mum with a little one aged 0-18 months.

Be engaged and provide feedback on what’s working, what’s not, where you need more support, and what you would like to see added.


Be ready to see results and celebrate them!

If you’re ready to get individualised attention from someone who is fully invested your success, then this is for you!

Let’s build something amazing!


Yes, I want to be a Founding Member!

Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to go from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to calm and confident about your little one’s sleep, you need one trusted source of holistic and evidence-based information and support. 

But you don’t know where to begin, who to trust, or how to make changes when you already feel like a sleep deprived zombie. 

And every time you look for help, you feel like you’re running into roadblocks...

Problem #1:
There is no support for attachment focused breastfeeding mums who don’t want to cry-it-out but can’t wait-it-out either
Problem #2:
All you do find is outdated non-responsive advice like strict sleep and feeding schedules that don’t account for your baby's unique needs
Problem #3:
The people offering support don’t have any idea how breastfeeding and sleep are linked, or any professional qualifications to back them up

Can you imagine?

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Imagine being able to cut through the conflicting, confusing, and plain BS sleep advice, and instead have one trusted source of holistic and evidence-based information on all things baby and toddler sleep. No more stress, no more overwhelm. Just calm confidence because you have all the support you will ever need over those first few years. 

Yes, there is a way to get more sleep,

 without ever sleep training.

And in my years of working with hundreds of clients, I’ve developed a 3-part process to help them achieve their goals. 

Now I’m packaging my expertise, experience, and wisdom into a course so more people can benefit. 

The Framework:

The thing is…

Generic sleep plans won’t work. They don’t account for little one’s individual sleep needs, temperament, or your families unique situation. They also don’t account for the fact that you’re breastfeeding, and can suggest changes that can ruin your breastfeeding journey. On top of that, they are often expensive and simply offer strategies that are variants of cry-it-out. But you still need something to get you more rest asap, you can’t wait-it-out any longer.

You don’t need to learn everything there is about the science of sleep. You just need someone to give you a roadmap to get more sleep without sleep training, along with the tools and resources to implement the solution.

Hi, I’m Mel!

I was in the same shoes that you’re in now after I had my first baby. I thought I would be fine. I had a decades worth of experience as a paediatric nurse and midwife. How hard could having a baby be?

What I didn’t expect was the complete sense of overwhelm I felt by the abundance of conflicting and confusing information thrown at me around my little ones feeding and sleep. 

I would desperately google at 2am trying to find support, but all I found was outdated non-responsive advice like cry-it-out. Leaving my little one alone to cry just broke my heart and I knew there was a better way.

That was the catalyst that changed everything. Since then I have completed two world renowned sleep certifications and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). My passion is to help families find holistic and evidence-based solutions without ever leaving their little ones alone to cry.

I have been so fortunate to have been able to support hundreds of families since then, whose lives have transformed with the support I have been able to offer. I now look forward to sharing my unique roadmap with you too, through the unparalleled course I created for you; Sleep Made Simple. 

If you want to be a Founding Member and help me create an amazing course that will absolutely work for you and your little one, please join me today…


Introducing Sleep Made Simple

Yes, I want to be a Founding Member!

Here’s what we’ll work on together:

& Get 5 Bonuses Just For YOU

Bonus #1:

Toddler Bedtime Battles 

The ALL-NEW and EXCLUSIVE ‘next chapter’ to Sleep Made Simple.
Toddler Bedtime Battles has one aim: to help you solve toddler bedtime battles once & for all, without ever sleep training. 
You’ll get the top 5 reasons bedtime battles exist, as well as quick, easy and attachment focused solutions that you can tailor to your unique needs.
It’s the essential step by step guidance that will get you back to loving bedtime instead of dreading it!
WARNING: Toddler Bedtime Battles is an exclusive gift ONLY for Sleep Made Simple mums. It will never be printed, sold, packaged or released other than in this course.

Bonus #2:

Night Weaning

Made Simple 


An attachment focused guide for night weaning your 10 month to 4 year old. 

This guide simplifies the often confusing world of night weaning, and breaks it down into three options for you. From there you can pick which option would work best for you and your little one (as we know that all babies and toddlers are different!). 

There is no overwhelming 100 page guide that you don't have the time or mental capacity to get through, just simple holistic & evidence-based information that is easy to understand and most importantly, actionable. 

Bonus #3:

Falling Asleep



Does your little one need you to stay with them until they fall asleep?


How to find the advice YOU need - in one handy “cheat sheet”


Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your little one wanting you to stay with them until they fall asleep, but if this is something you would like to change, then you can learn here how to make this transition gently. Real life trouble shooting example included!

Bonus #4:

Night Time Visits


Does your little one come into your bed in the middle of the night?


I’ve created the perfect infographic if you are not enjoying this anymore and looking at making a change. This includes the common reasons and two simple solutions. Handy table included to help you decide what would be the best fit for your family!

Bonus #5:


Out of the Cot


A short, no-fluff tool to prepare for, and enjoy the transition out of the cot.


If your little one is trying to climb out of the cot, or you need the cot for another baby, then it's time to make the transition. This tool provides you with a step-by-step plan to make the transition seamless. Examples included on how to pick the best bed for your unique needs!

And You Get ALL These Bonuses

When You Become A Founding Member!

“I have completed the first version of this course and all I can say is, WOW. This course has transformed the way I view my baby and their sleep. Not only that, but I am finally feeling well rested and like I have the energy to enjoy the day. I also love that Mel is an IBCLC as well as holistic sleep coach as I didn’t want to be told to stop breastfeeding to get more sleep (like I have been told before). I would highly recommend this course to all pregnant and new mums!”.

Greta K.

Let’s build something amazing!

For a limited time and for a limited number
of people, you can get everything for…

Special Founding Member’s Price

Cocoon & Cradle Guarantee

While I don’t guarantee this course will get your little one sleeping 7pm-7am within a week (or anything else crazy like that), I DO guarantee that you’ll have all the information you’ll ever need to get the best sleep possible, all while maintaining an amazing breastfeeding relationship. No more stress, no more confusion, no more overwhelm. If it’s still not for you, you’ll have 14 days to get a full refund with no questions asked!

FAQs for Founding Members

Still undecided?

Participating in this Founding Members Launch is NOT right for you if…

You’re looking for sleep training methods

You want quick fix solutions 

You want a guarantee of your baby sleeping 7pm-7am

Participating in this Founding Members Launch IS right for you if…

You’re pregnant or a breastfeeding mum who wants to go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and confident around all things sleep

You prefer to focus on developmentally appropriate sleep rather than old-school sleep training methods

You want one trusted source of holistic and evidence based information, created specifically by a breastfeeding, sleep & early parenting expert (with the credentials to back them up)

If this sounds good, I can’t wait to see you inside Sleep Made Simple!

I am ALL in!

Let’s build something amazing!

For a limited time and for a limited number
of people, you can get everything for…

Special Founding Member’s Price