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Bedtime Routine

Feb 09, 2022

Ever wondered what the ideal bedtime routine looks like? Let’s take a look!


💤 CONNECTION - Ensure your bedtime routine is all about connection. Bedtime is a time of separation so you want to make sure you fill their love buckets up to the brim beforehand!

💤 CONTAINMENT - A lot of little ones let go of the days stressors at the end of the day, so you want bedtime to be a safe space for them to express themselves without judgement

💤 CALM - Sleep occurs in a relaxed state, so you want to focus on actives that are super calming

As for what to include? Well that’s up to you!

Some kiddies who have pent up energy will benefit from some silly time before the bedtime routine so it is easier for them to move into a calm state. After that, choose activities that your little one finds relaxing.

For example, you could have some silly time followed by a bath, and then take an age appropriate amount of time for your calming activities like reading stories, singing songs, slow dancing, etc. Whatever works for your family!

Follow your little ones cues in working out the length of the bedtime routine, but on average:

✨ 0-3 months = 10-15 minutes

✨ 3-6 months = 15-20 minutes

✨ 6 months + = 30 minutes

If you would like further support please feel free to reach out. No family is given an off the shelf strategy as the plan is bespoke to you, your child and unique situation.


As always, you’ve got this mama, and I’ve got you.

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